Managed Services

Focus on Optimizing Your Environment

STN provides managed services to alleviate your operation teams from managing and troubleshooting infrastructure

Managed Services

Application Support

24/7 NOC – On-Premise & Public Cloud

Smart Hands

Wall-to-Wall Data Center Management

DRaaS / BaaS

STN Site Data Protection Services (SDP) is a leading partner with Cohesity. Our unique Backup as a Service makes worrying about your backups a thing of the past. Cohesity is the market leader in cloud data management, offering the first platform to be created with scale out and google-like search to easily recover files from your backup catalogue.


Simple Set-up

No additional equipment to rack and stack, as well as auto-discovery and indexing of data elements. Plug in and start backing up.

Increased Efficiency

SCS BaaS is fast, accurate, and allows your business to spend little to no time maintaining and managing backups.

Ease of Management

Cohesity policy makes it simple to customize SLA, setting frequency, retention duration and location.

Cost Efficient

SCS BaaS is a pay per use model that allows peace of mind of reliable backups with very low TCO.

Managed Security

Managed Security Services

Prioritize security controls for effectiveness against real world threats

We provide a full range of security services that are managed by certified engineers, backed by information security experts, and tailored for resource-constrained organizations. 



Every company needs a comprehensive 24/7/365 cyber threat management solution

The digital world has become a scary place for companies. For many, they have to face an onslaught of real and potential threats on a daily basis—including malware, phishing, viruses and spyware—which can all jeopardize their business.


Companies require network security which is more flexible, scalable, and agile than ever

The proliferation of mobile devices, applications, cloud-based infrastructure, and digitally connected employees are all contributing to a complex environment which is much harder to secure and constantly evolving.

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