managed services

Focus on Optimizing Your Environment

STN offers managed services designed to relieve your operations teams from the responsibilities of infrastructure management and troubleshooting.


Managed Security Services

Prioritize security controls for effectiveness against real world threats

Our comprehensive security services, overseen by certified engineers and supported by information security experts, are customized to suit organization with resource constraints.

Managed Firewall

STN leverages best of breed technology to bring you Firewall as a Service

The increasing prevalence of mobile devices, applications, cloud-based infrastructure, and digitally connected employees is creating an intricate and ever-evolving environment that poses greater security challenges. 

Managed SIEM Service

Every company needs a comprehensive 24/7/365 cyber threat management solution

The digital world has become a scary place for companies. For many, they have to face an onslaught of real and potential threats on a daily basis—including malware, phishing, viruses and spyware—which can all jeopardize their business.

Managed Security Infrastructure

Prioritize security controls for effectiveness against real world threats

We provide a full range of security services that are managed by certified engineers, backed by information security experts, and tailored for resource-constrained organizations.

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