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We put information security at the center of everything we do

We live in a digital age where technological advancements are occurring at an exponential rate. Consumers are burdened with the pressures to keep up with this accelerated rate of growth and can be overwhelmed with the decision to choose the right product. STN approaches every client‘s need with fiduciary responsibility. We guide individuals to the best technological solution for their business and technical requirements, as well as staying within their financial comfort zone.

Data Management

Lower the cost, risk and pain of backups, recovery and Disaster Recovery. Powered by Cohesity, our combination of service and technology provides fast, reliable and cost effective data management for growing companies across all private and public clouds.


Solution Provider

Complex application design requires out of the box thinking, our team of experts can help your organization transform and leverage technology to reduce costs and generate new lines of revenue. 



Start with an assessment to understand your risk profile and make informed decisions. We help Banks and Credit Unions manage their FFIEC self assessment. 



Rely on a team of experts to manage your IT compliance by leveraging a comprehensive set of services to stay in good standing.


Managed Services

We provide a full range of managed services with certified engineers to manage your data and security services. Backed by information security experts, and tailored for resource-contstrained organizations.


How it works

Powered by Cohesity

Our team of experts create a Backup / Archiving and Disaster Recovery plan with sophisticated and reliable automation, ensuring backup integrity and information security.

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“Selecting STN has definitely made our IT posture stronger, and working with them has been a pleasure and simple. Their professionalism, update frequencies, and execution sets a new bar for service and many people across our teams are pleased with their results. I look forward to leveraging STN more for our needs.”

— IS Manager at Equilar Inc.

“IT services will be the largest category of the BDA market in 2019 ($77.5 billion), followed by hardware purchases ($23.7 billion), and business services ($20.7 billion). Together, IT and business services will account for more than half of all BDA revenues throughout the forecast and will be among the categories with the fastest growth.”

— International Data Corporation (IDC)

“As a small Credit union, we have very limited staff and time. We need a tool that provides us with a quick and easy way of fulfilling our regulatory assessments. Not only does STN’s tool do the job, but it also allows us to compare against past assessments and reveal trends through our history. This has been very powerful in determining where we have been deficient and where we are excelling. STN’s FFIEC self assessment tool also provides us a quick and easy way to report to our board and our NCUA examiners on our improvements and progress.”

— Information Security Analyst

“STN’s new FFIEC tool simplifies the process of ascertaining risk levels, assessing an organization’s maturity level, and gauging progress needed and made over time. An accessible and intuitive interface makes it easy to use, STN has created a valuable tool for reporting and documenting FFIEC data as it pertains uniquely to your company.”

— Vice president / Information Security Officer

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