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ONE Endpoint Security Bundle

STN ONE is a Managed Security Service provided by STN powered by a multi-vendor and multi-product approach to provide industry leading endpoint management and protection for our customers.

By combining the best solutions for protection at each attack vector, and offered as a Managed Security Service backed by STN SOC, STN provides customers unmatched peace of mind.


Ransomware Protection

Quickly restore your entire office

For every hour a remote office is down, company costs and frustrations rise. Our ROBO as a service (RaaS) automatically creates entire office environments that can be spun up near instantly when disaster strikes, allowing your team to get back to production, fast.

How does STN Monitor?

STN provides 24x7 Network Operations and Security Operations (NOC/SOC) services to monitor all services and events. Employing professional analysts and network professionals to protect your network, we analyze and respond to events to reduce false positives and alarm fatigue.

Why Partner with STN for Security Solutions?

STN reduces the time to implement modern data security solutions by assuming responsibility for the management and maintenance of their customers’ IT infrastructure and systems. This allows our customers to focus on their core business operations while STN handles the technical details of complete security solutions.

Does STN ONE Protect Against Ransomware Attacks?

STN ONE is comprised of multiple tools that augment a cybersecurity defense strategy. Paired with a SIEM, properly hardened Next-Gen firewalls, immutable backups, and a solid DR strategy,

STN ONE provides the best possible coverage and defense against cybersecurity attacks to help you recover quickly and avoid paying a ransom.

Automation and Platform Services

We believe that automation is required for any business to stay competitive in their field

Network Automation

One of the largest causes of network outages is human error; someone making a change in the configuration without validating could cause a completely different part of the network to go down. Presently, network automation allows you to scale your network, without adding head counts, while increasing the up-time of the network. Some of the network automation toolsets that STN consultants are proficient in:

- Python
- SDN Toolkit Dev
- Cisco ACI
- Cumulus Networks – Automation with CHEF / ANSIBLE & puppet

Cloud Orchestration

We design and implement cloud orchestration technologies like:

- CloudForms
- CloudFoundry
- OpenShift

DevOps CI/CD

One of the most valuable resources an organization can have is developers, but development cycles cannot wait on traditional IT to provide VMs or micro services for build processes, followed by automated UAT. STN has vast experience in taking your organization to CI/CD and automated UAT for seamless development, regardless if it’s on-prem or multi-cloud.

System Automation

- HPE OneView with ICSP
- Puppet
- Redfish

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