Ransomware Attack in Government Offices in Texas

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July 20, 2023

22 municipalities across Texas were hacked with attackers demanding $2.5 million in ransom to unlock the files. This coordinated cyber attack has sent state emergency-management officials scrambling and prompted a federal investigation.

A “ransomware assault,” is a cyber-attack in which programmers remotely encrypt and deny access to critical information, systems, and files until a ransom payment is received. Such attacks are increasingly focused on small and medium-sized cities, counties, court frameworks, and school systems across the nation due to their outdated systems and ill-prepared response plans.

These are the four best controls to protect against ransomware:

  1. Make sure your Anti-Virus and operating system patches are deployed on all systems and updated.
  2. Perform backups and test recovering your systems from your backups.
  3. Ensure that all of your critical systems have at least one backup destination that is not continuously addressable through operating system calls.
  4. Limit administrative privileges for general users.

Prevention is always more cost-effective.

Contact STN if you feel you are possibly exposed

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