STN Service Responsibilities and Service Objectives

Managed Firewall as a Services and Managed Network Device Services

Configuration and Installation

Configuration and installation task responsibilities and service level objectives for STN’s Managed Services are defined in the following table:

Standard tasks and matrix lead times are indicated in business days, and if an addendum is required. Immediate tasks are identified by an “Immediate”.

Operation and Management

Service Objectives for STN’s Managed Firewall and Managed Network Devices services are provided per the following responsibility and lead time matrix.

Service Objectives for STN’s Managed SIEM Services

Service Objectives for STN’s Managed SIEM Services are outlined in the matrix below. Each responsibility and or task is associated with the owner of the responsibility, as indicated below.

Standard tasks and matrix lead times are indicated in business days, and if an addendum is required. Immediate tasks are identified by an “Immediate”.

Customer Response Time Objectives

STN’s service level objectives for responding to customer requests are defined in the following table:

For all devices identified in the associated managed services Statement of Work, STN provides incident and alert response and documentation. All alerts will be logged in the STN Cybersecurity portal and emailed to the Customer. Incidents defined in the following table will be escalated to Customer per the Customer provided escalation path. Service Objectives for monitored alerts are defined in the following table:

Claims Process and Remedies for Service Level Objectives (SLO)

The process for Customers to make claims for any Service Level Objectives that are not met and the remedies in connection therewith are set forth below. Customer agrees that its sole and exclusive remedy for any SLA that is not met is as set forth below.

1. Claim Submission. In order to receive a credit, Customer must electronically submit a claim for the credit to within seven (7) business days of the date on which the SLO was not met. The claim must contain the following information:

  • “SLO Credit Request” in the email subject line ◦ Customer’s name
  • Customer’s contact name
  • Customer’s contact phone number
  • Description of the SLO not met and the date of such failure

2. Claim Review and Determination. STN will make all credit determinations in its reasonable discretion and will notify the designated contact(s) in writing (which may be in the form of an email) of its decision. If any request is rejected, the notification from STN will contain the reasons for such rejection.

3. Service Level Credits. For all accepted claim requests, STN shall provide a service level credit to Customer equal to the pro-rated charges for one (1) full day of the affected services (i.e.,1/30 of the monthly fee, assuming a thirty (30) day month for effected device or service) for each day during which one or more of the SLAs was not met. Any service level credits accrued hereunder shall be credited against the fees owed by Customer to STN. In the event that service level credits are still owed as of the termination or expiration of the applicable agreement, STN shall pay to Customer the total amount of outstanding service level credits.

4. Service Level Credit Exceptions. Service level credits shall not be available to Customer if failure to meet the SLOs set forth above results in any way from (i) Customer’s failure to meet its obligations set forth in the Master Agreement or Statement of Work with STN for the applicable service; (ii) Customer’s material impediment of STN’s efforts to meet the SLOs; (iii) the negligent acts or omissions of Customer, its employees, contractors, agents or end users; (iv) the failure or malfunction of equipment, applications or systems not owned or controlled by STN; (v) circumstances or causes beyond the control of STN; or (vi) Customer is past due for payment on their invoice; or (vii) scheduled services maintenance, alteration, or implementation. In addition, service level credits shall be granted only if Customer provides STN full and free access to Customer’s devices, facilities and personnel to make necessary repairs and perform necessary maintenance, testing, etc. to the managed device.

Maximum Credits. In the event that Customer is entitled to multiple service level credits arising on the same day, such service level credits shall not be cumulative, and Customer shall be entitled to receive only a service level credit equal to no more than the pro-rated service charges for that day. Under no circumstances shall STN be required to issue service level credits to Customer in any one (1) calendar month totaling more than fifteen (15) days of service fees. A service level credit earned in a particular month may not be carried over to another month.

Sole Remedy. Service level credits applicable to the specific Services are Customer’s exclusive remedy in the event of service interruption, service failure, or outage.

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