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Sabur Mian

CEO and Founder

As CEO and Founder of STN, Sabur Mian brings 18+ years of experience in building and managing complex IT organizations, including data centers, Digital Healthcare Providers, and Value Added Resellers. As a former VP of Technology coupled with an engineering background, Sabur brings a unique perspective to solving business and technical challenges. In founding STN, Sabur aims to bring security and data protection to the forefront. He has an agile mindset with the ability to see changes and opportunities and acts on them. He leverages his experience, knowledge, and intuition to bring forward-thinking solutions, ideas, and business practices to life. He believes in people and providing the best service and outcomes. As CEO, Sabur is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with vendors and customers working with key staff to drive sales and technology, and continue to build on STNs vision. Sabur’s mission is expressed in how he leads and approaches opportunities and solutions. Innovation is his mantra, and he encourages his team and peers to always look for ways or opportunities to innovate and bring new ideas and strategies to the field. In his spare time, Sabur enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and is a member of the Open Compute Foundation.

Tom Genn

Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer of STN, Tom Genn brings over 30 years of experience building strong customer relationships and selling technology solutions to Fortune 500 companies. After moving into the Value-Added Reseller and Managed Services space, his very successful years spent in direct sales and sales management gives him broad capabilities and contacts that significantly benefit our customers. STN customers consider us a trusted partner because we listen, we understand, and we execute. At STN Tom leverages his experience to build trusted partnerships with both domestic and global customers and vendors. He is adept at mapping customer business requirements to innovative technical solutions and providing leadership for the successful implementation of those solutions. Tom views solving customers’ issues to be the key component of STN’s partnerships and success. He uses his exceptional interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills and experience, as well as the depth of knowledge of the STN engineering team, to accomplish that purpose. STN customers are our best advocates, and referrals are the primary source of our growing business. Tom takes great pride in working with our committed and highly responsive team, making sure that STN customers get the best possible architectural designs and solutions at the best possible cost. Prior to launching his career in selling technology solutions, Tom earned his MBA at the University of Wisconsin. Outside of STN, Tom’s passions are wine, music, and family.

Tyler Hardison

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer at STN, Tyler Hardison, CISSP, plays a key role in leading new product strategies, initiatives, and is responsible for developing technology solutions and service offerings for clients. Tyler is highly regarded as a hands-on technologist with a strong focus on regulatory issues, program management, and secure implementation. With his extensive knowledge of evolving cybersecurity threats, Tyler leads the development and execution of innovative, robust, and secure information technology environments for organizations of all sizes. He has extensive experience and knowledge of security and IT, including regulatory issues and compliance, enterprise architecture, disaster recovery, process improvement, custom application development, and risk management. Tyler is a 20-year technology veteran, with 12 years of experience in the financial services industry, including his role as CIO at Stanford Federal Credit Union. Tyler is at the forefront of regulatory changes with in-depth knowledge of the tools necessary to stay ahead. Tyler is a PCI Qualified Security Assessor and speaks regularly on how businesses can meet compliance. Tyler enjoys volunteering in community organizations, including various historical societies.

Chris Akenson

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Senior Security Analyst, Chris Akenson, CISSP, brings a deep background in security implementation and practices. Chris has extensive experience in building and maintaining security standards and practices, and has a breadth of knowledge across many compliance and regulatory industries. Chris is especially adept at providing clients with a pragmatic and sound understanding of security. This includes recommendations which are both practical and prioritized to help organizations better plan and remediate. Chris has over 24 years experience with various security and quality assurance related roles with companies that include Sony Computer Entertainment America, New World Interactive and Trace Security.

Shanelle Frisbie

Vice President of Operations

As STN’s Vice President of Operations, Shanelle Frisbie and her team provide support to sales, operations, and finance. Her responsibilities include managing key vendor relationships, supporting the sales team, and developing, improving, and maintaining internal procedures and processes at STN. Shanelle works closely with the engineering and sales teams at STN to bridge the gap between clients, solutions architecture, vendors, and service delivery rollouts. Shanelle is a true customer advocate who works toward improving every aspect of STN’s processes to deliver a “diamond white glove experience” to customers. She has experience working with organizations in both public and private sectors, as well as non-profit. Her knowledge and experience working with many industry types, together with her passion to stay current on new and emerging technologies, best practices, and industry initiatives make her a valuable resource for helping STN and its customers continuously improve. Shanelle holds a B.A. in accounting and business management and is certified as a Cisco Business Architecture Analyst.

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