Consulting Services

STN Consulting Services(SCS) are available to augment your technical team with the experience and numbers needed to achieve your time to market goals. SCS allows you to optimize your staff utilization by allowing them to focus on what they do best. SCS expands your technical reach by off-loading your staff from specialized, mundane or “outside-the-box” development and support. Let SCS handle the jobs that don’t fit your current technical skill set or are just too labor intensive or down-right tedious to handle by your technical team.Let our on-site teams and partners provide for you the expertise needed to implement, collaborate, maintain, operate, and enhance your Business Applications, Data Center design and Network Architecture.

Design and Architecture Solutions for any Application

SCS excels at designing infrastructure to meet any application requirement. Whether it’s a canned application like Oracle Financials, or a custom in-house application, SCS has the solution. Our engagements always start with you. By understanding your business and technical requirements we are able to design the infrastructure and platform that is best suited to meet your application requirements.

Efficiently Managed, Low Power Data Center Solutions

SCS designed data centers have at their core efficient management. Data center management is how we started. Security, scalability, redundancy, efficiency, reliability, accessibility and connectivity are built into every SCS data center design. Whether you want to design a Tier-3 data center with PUE as low as 1.06 and 16KW per 48RU rack, or need highly automated, self healing mechanisms to reduce headcount, STN has the knowledge and experience to address any data center challenge you have.

Connectivity, Network Management, and Non-blocking Networks

If a network doesn’t have fast connectivity what’s the point of having a network? Whether your application lives in the cloud, resides on your in-house data center or is consumed as a SAAS subscription, fast connectivity is the difference between success and failure. STN’s engineers, leveraging extensive automation, design the best of breed networks that not only get you the fastest connectivity but also provide ease of management. Would you rather have your expensive Network Engineers troubleshooting spanning-tree issues or let your SCS designed non-blocking network free them up to innovate new ways to save money? Give us a call and let’s connect.

SCS Designs On-Premise, Hybrid, Cloud or Multi-Cloud Networks

SCS designs networks to reduce OP-EX and Cap-Ex costs. The network configuration is driven by workload efficiency and performance, not the other way around. STN’s experts analyze your workloads and design networks that provide the biggest bang for the buck, whether it’s on premise, hybrid, cloud or multi-cloud. STN is fluent in all network configurations so your workload lives within a scalable, agile and cost effective environment. STN thinks that’s good. If you agree, you should talks to us.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Data portability and integrity are fundamental aspects of a successful Disaster Recovery plan. SCS’s client-optimized, cloud or secondary data center designs provide hot, warm or cold disaster recovery options. Call STN today to hear how we can help keep your data safe.

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