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We simplify the management of your FFIEC Cybersecurity self assessment.

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STN’s FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Software.

Everything you need to manage your CAT.

Rapid response helpline

  • FFIEC CAT automated portal
  • Interactive self assessment wizard with real-time feedback
  • Risk and maturity Dashboard
  • Prioritized gaps to get you to your next maturity level
  • Secure repository for your evidence, policies and procedures
  • Track all open issues with service tickets
  • Compare progress year over year
  • Executive level maturity dashboard and reports
  • Export to FFIEC established format with manager comments
  • Export to executive summary


STN’s FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Software
With a dedicated analyst.

Tackle your Cybersecurity self assessment with a dedicated security advisor at your side.

Everything you get with Core, plus:

  • Quickstart consultation with security analyst
  • Access to a team of security analysts to assist you with all aspects of your self assessment
  • Regular “check ins” with your assessor to track progress and get expert opinion
  • Includes 20 hours of security analyst consulting


STN’s FFIEC Cybersecurity Assessment Software
With dedicated senior analyst and STN assessment.

Have STN perform your first year assessment and give yourself a head-start.

Everything you get with Assist, plus:

  • Dedicated security analyst for the entire assessment as you learn alongside.
  • Professional project management
  • Completed CAT by a date you specify
  • 1:1 coaching to help you conduct the CAT self assessment in following years

Frequently asked questions

Does it export in a format I need for my examiner?

Yes. STN’s CAT software exports your self-assessment to both the FFIEC and NCUA ACET formats expected by your examiner.

Can I add my audit from last year?

Absolutely! STN recommends entering your previous year’s assessment results as both a base line to compare future assessments against and as a training exercise as you being to use the tool.

Why do I need software?

STN’s self assessment software gives you more than just a list of controls in a spreadsheet.  You now have the ability to collaborate online with your peers to review and complete your self-assessments and track your progress over time.  The intuitive interface and executive dashboards create a clear picture of the current state of your cybersecurity program, and a clear path toward continuous improvement.

What they are saying

  • STN’s new FFIEC tool simplifies the process of ascertaining risk levels, assessing an organization’s maturity level, and gauging progress needed and made over time. An accessible and intuitive interface makes it easy to use, STN has created a valuable tool for reporting and documenting FFIEC data as it pertains uniquely to your company.

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