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STN Network Security provides both remote and onsite social engineering prevention services.

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STN Assessment Services Social Engineering

Tests include social engineering attacks by physical and technical approaches. The goal is to determine if controls are in place to prevent unauthorized disclosure of information.

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Email icon illustration  Email Phishing

STN’s Email Phishing Service customizes emails specifically targeting individuals at your company.

This service includes:

  • Targeted email list or list created through internet research.
  • Sample set is based off of your company size.
  • Emails are timed and randomized to prevent company wide alerts and awareness.

Phone phishing icon illustration USB ATTACK

STN tests a scenario in which auto-run USB drives containing a simulated malicious program runs when the drive is plugged into a user’s computer.

This service includes:

  • STN ISA places USB drives in strategic locations.
  • Drives connect to a server on the Internet to collect information about the connecting workstation to validate a successful test.

USB attack icon illustration  Phone Phishing

STN’s Phone Phishing Service tests your employees’ compliance with policy prohibiting surveys and to obtain password policy information or passwords.

This service includes:

  • Targeted employee list and numbers or lists built through research of publicly available information.
  • Sample set tested is a percentage based off of your company size.
  • Calls are timed and randomized to prevent company wide awareness and alerts.
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On-site impersonation icon illustration  On-Site Impersonation

STN Security Consultants masquerade as a third party vendors or employees to obtain unauthorized access or acquire confidential information.


STN’s onsite masquerade physical controls services is a review from the social engineering perspective. It includes:

  • Observing the disposal of paperwork and disposal of computer media.
  • Observations of clear desk / clear screen usage
  • Use of security cameras
  • Usage of locking facilities, badge usage, and escorted third parties.
  • Physical access controls and review public access areas.

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