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With HPE servers, we’ll have you up and running faster than you can say hyperconvergance

Our team of highly skilled HPE certified engineers design and implement solutions that are catered to your specific storage needs.

As a premier HPE provider, customers can now purchase enterprise systems directly through STN. This no-hassle service means you can leave the grunt work to our experts while you focus on your business objectives.

Composable Infrastructure

Eliminate fragmented silos and the need for workload-specific environments with an HPE composable infrastructure—the backbone of modern private and hybrid clouds. With a simple interface resources can be seamlessly combined and quickly deployed to meet the needs of any application environment. Advanced automation and flexibility reduces underutilized and overprovisioned resources without the pain and worry of traditional IT solutions.

Data Center Infrastructure

Modernize your data center with HPE software-defined-infrastructure and gain the agility, ease and controls you love about the cloud with the security and performance your applications require. STN’s HPE certified engineers design and implement complete infrastructure solutions from physical servers, storage and networking to security and data management. We eliminate the complexity, you enjoy the benefits.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is an ideal solution for companies of all sizes thanks to the combinations of flexibility, cost, control and security. However, due to the inherent complexity and risk, hybrid cloud initiatives can die before ever being implemented. With our expertise and the flexibility of HPE hybrid cloud systems, we engineer reliable, flexible, and cost-effective systems that work from day one.

Intelligent Edge

From facial recognition to air quality control and industrial IoT, ‘edge’ computing brings virtually limitless opportunities for rapid automation, prediction and control in response to real-time analytics. STN engineers design decentralized automated systems that respond to immediate data needs while remaining cost-effective.

Mission Critical Servers

For companies with mission critical infrastructure needs, STN designs always-on, 100% fault-tolerant solutions with the best of HPE’s suite. Using high-performance systems such as Integrity NonStop, Superdome Flex, HP-UX, and OpenVM, our expert engineers craft and implement durable infrastructures that meet your company’s specific needs.

Private Cloud

When compliance comes knocking and it’s time to stay private, avoid the risks and use STN certified engineers to architect and build your custom cloud infrastructure leveraging HPE’s leading-class private cloud technology. Experience all the ease, simplicity, and convenience of the public cloud without compromising scalability or security.

Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

Calculators are to math what a Software-Defined-Infrastructure is to a traditional system. That doesn’t mean the math is simpler, it just means you don’t need to fuss with the grunt work. STN’s experienced HPE certified engineers will help your company leap the gap from a traditional to a modern, software-defined infrastructure in less time with less risk and less pain.

Intelligent Storage

With Hewlett Packard storage solutions our STN certified engineers will simplify your hybrid-cloud while saving costs and improving performance. HPE’s Intelligent Flash Storage combined with AI predicts and automatically adjusts to your immediate storage needs, scaling up and down for performance and cost while resolving complex infrastructure issues ahead of time using predictive analytics.

HPE Aruba Networking

As the leader in wireless, wired, and security networking solutions, HPE Aruba delivers high-performance networks that are easier to manage than comparable systems. Our HPE certified STN engineers craft exceptional networking solutions for modern demands that empower businesses to roll-out new projects quickly, efficiently, and on time.

“Every business is on a cloud transformation journey, but they’re finding it more difficult than expected. And the biggest problem stems from one area – people. To be successful, you need to change from a legacy mindset to a new way of doing business. Your teams need to know how to organize, deploy, and use the cloud.”

— Robert Christiansen, Chief Cloud Strategist, HPE

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