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Real-time autonomous detection and response with best-in-class MDR services

Autonomous detection and response meets real-life expertise. Our partnership with Confluera expands our world-class MDR Services, allowing us to address and deal with the sophisticated and stealthy attacks that are happening on a daily basis.

Confluera detects. We secure. You rest easy.

Track all activities throughout your data infrastructure

Reduce cost, reduce risk, and reduce complexity

Sleep peaceful with 24/7 autonomous monitoring

Catch attackers in real-time and stop them in their tracks

“Businesses today need 24/7 monitoring and management of what is happening on their network. STN will bolster Confluera’s capabilities with their automated security practice.”

— Abhijit Ghosh, CEO & Co-Founder of Confluera

Lower Risk. Lower Cost.

Imagine having an entire team of highly trained and experienced data management experts who know how to leverage modern solutions that lower the cost of implementation and management while greatly reducing risk.

Our team combined with Confluera’s autonomous real-time security monitoring means lower cost, greater confidence, and more time for yourself.

“By leveraging Confluera’s Autonomous Platform, we’re now able to offer Managed Detection and Response services to their customers.”

— Sabur Main, CEO and Co-Founder of STN

We build and manage custom data infrastructures designed for your company’s unique requirements

STN provides customized technology solutions for every client need. We guide your company to the best data infrastructure solutions for your individual business and technical requirements. Our services range from network automation and site data protection to private cloud and data center solutions.

With a focus on efficiency, we seek to save costs and improve stability while reducing risk for our clients.

Confluera is turning security analysts into cyber defenders through MDR automation

Confluera is redefining data security to deal with modern cyberattacks by introducing real-time interception and response capabilities.

The Confluera platform tracks all activities within your company’s data center to build a real-time map. All security signals from multiple sources are contextually tied with activity trails to rank for malicious intent. Surgical responses are then deployed automatically across all affected entities to identify and stop attacks in progress.

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